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Fat deposits on the eyelid (xanthelasma)

Xanthelasma are fatty deposits in the area of the eyelids, which are usually genetic. They can be both aesthetically disturbing and impair vision.
Before treatment of xanthelasma, it is important to rule out a dyslipidemia by your primary care physician or internist.
The removal can be performed in our practice both surgically under local anesthesia and gently by laser. The choice of the appropriate method depends, among other things, on the extent of the xanthelasma. A personal consultation and examination are therefore essential to determine the optimal treatment strategy.
The surgical procedure precisely removes fat deposits to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. This method usually requires a short recovery time and leaves minimal scars.
Alternatively, a laser can be used to gently remove the xanthelasma. In this case, the laser beam is directed specifically at the affected areas to break down the excess fatty tissue. This method offers the advantage of fast recovery and minimal scarring.
Who is affected?
Mainly adults, occasionally teenagers
Signs of disease
Fat deposits on the upper and lower eyelid of the eye
Predisposition, elevated blood lipid levels
Treatment method
surgical removal
Clarification of lipid metabolism required by general practitioner/ internist
Treatment duration
approx. 20 min.
immediately, full effect after 10 – 14 days
Sunscreen, wound treatment
Sports restrictions
several days
Restrictions for social life
Wound cream, bandage if necessary
Duration of effect
from 120 €
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