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Couperosis is a skin disease in which there is a permanent dilation of small blood vessels in the facial skin. It is manifested by the appearance of visible red veins, also called telangiectasias, which can appear mainly on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. The affected areas of skin often have a reddish or pinkish discoloration. Especially in advanced cases, inflammation, redness and skin irritation may occur.
The cause of couperose lies in the weakening of blood vessel walls, which leads to their dilatation. This may be due to genetic predisposition, but also to various factors such as excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes, alcohol consumption, stress or extreme temperatures.
Although couperose is not a serious medical condition in itself, it can be perceived as a cosmetic problem and affect the self-confidence of those affected. Its treatment aims to reduce the visibility of the dilated blood vessels and soothe the skin. In our practice, we offer various therapies that can be used depending on the severity and individual needs of the patient.
These include
  • Laser therapy,
  • IPL (intense pulsed light therapy),
  • electrical coagulation,
  • Cryotherapy (cold therapy) and
  • dermatological creams or ointments
After a comprehensive examination, we can determine the appropriate treatment with you.
Who is affected?
Mainly adults, occasionally teenagers
Signs of disease
Pustules, deep inflammation, oily skin
Predisposition to increased redness on the face and upper body, over moisturizing of the skin, e.g. with moisturizers, stress, sun, heat, hot, spicy food, alcohol
Treatment method with us
Medication external and internal
Laser, multiple sessions if necessary
medical cosmetics
Treatment duration
depending on the method laser ca.15 min, med. cosmetics ca 60 min
immediately, full effect after 10 – 14 days
Sunscreen for 4 weeks
Non-irritating and non-greasy moisturizers
Non-greasy makeup
Sports restrictions
no sports or sauna on the day of treatment
Restrictions for social life
possibly slight redness and irritation for a few days
Duration of effect
longer term
med. cosmetics: from 60 € per session
Laser: from 200 € per session
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