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Upper lip wrinkles

Upper lip wrinkles are often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, as they are common among smokers. However, these wrinkles can also give an unkempt impression, as lipstick often runs into the fine lines. At the same time, pronounced wrinkles in this area can make the upper lip appear smaller and lead to an overall aged appearance.
In addition to environmental influences such as smoking and sunlight, genetic predisposition and increased activity of facial muscles also contribute to pronounced lip wrinkles. The muscle that causes these wrinkles is strained, for example, when drinking from a straw or smoking.
Through a combination therapy, you can successfully fight wrinkles and give your facial expression a new vitality.
Initially, superficial lip wrinkles are only visible when the muscles are tense and are hardly noticeable at rest. In this case, treatment with hyaluronic acid is an option. Injection with hyaluronic acid can quickly and effectively fill the wrinkles and creases around the upper lip.
With deeper upper lip wrinkles are always clearly visible. In addition to the use of hyaluronic acid, the treatment is complemented by the use of fractional laser and radiofrequency microneedling. While the laser stimulates collagen production in the superficial layers of the skin, radiofrequency microneedling enables regeneration of the deeper layers of the skin. Together, these two methods provide lasting and effective skin tightening without affecting the facial expression of the oral region.
Our practice has many years of experience in this field and begins the therapy with a comprehensive personal consultation about your individual wishes and needs. During the conversation, the various treatment options are weighed and the appropriate therapy is selected with you.
Treatment method
Hyaluron treatment
usually no local anesthesia, anesthetic cream if needed
Radiofrequency microneedling and fractional laser treatment
Anesthesia of the skin with numbing cream and local anesthesia
Treatment duration
15 – 20 Minutes
20 – 30 Minutes
after 14 – 21 days
Cooling if necessary
if necessary care cream and cooling
Sports restrictions
On the day of treatment
Restrictions for social life
possibly redness, small bruises
redness, swelling for a few days
Duration of effect
6 – 9 Months
longer term
from 390 €
from 490 €
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