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Spider veins

Spider veins are not always only a cosmetic problem, but may also indicate deeper-lying diseases. Therefore, it is important to have a clarification discussion as a first step. In this conversation, possible causes and individual treatment options can be discussed.
Spider veins, medically spider vein varicosis, is manifested by fine, reticulated or fan-shaped venous plexuses that lie directly under the skin. These venous plexuses resemble a brushwood broom – hence the name. They are an early sign of disease, which is why the deep venous system is also taken into account during the examination. With the help of (painless) ultrasound or sonography procedures, clarity about the disease and the treatment options in our practice can be obtained quickly.
In most cases, spider veins are removed by sclerotherapy (also called sclerotherapy). During sclerotherapy, an alcohol-containing agent (painless) is injected into the affected veins via fine needles. This closes the veins and the body gradually breaks down the vessels that are no longer needed.
In some cases, laser therapy is sufficient to effectively remove spider veins. Which procedure is indicated for you, we clarify with the examination of the veins.
Who is affected?
Mainly adults, occasionally teenagers
Signs of disease
well visible reticular or fan-shaped, superficial veins
family-related, age, pregnancies and hormone preparations lack of exercise, standing jobs and overweight
Treatment method
Sclerotherapy (sclerotherapy)
usually no local anesthesia necessary
Laser therapy if necessary
Treatment duration
20 – 40 minutes, several sessions necessary
immediately, full effect after 10 – 14 days
in case of sclerotherapy compression stockings and exercise after treatment
Sports restrictions
Refraining from sauna, intensive sports and swimming on the day of treatment
Restrictions for social life
Duration of effect
longer term
from 120 € per session
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