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Crow's feet

The first wrinkles to appear on a face are usually smile lines. The eye area is particularly affected because the skin there is especially thin. Even a slight loss of elasticity in this area shows through fine wrinkles.
When you are young, these smile lines give your face naturalness and a sympathetic expression. However, as you age, they deepen and make your face look tired and scowling. Known as crow’s feet or eye wrinkles, they cannot be effectively treated with cosmetics and draw deeper and deeper lines in the skin. They appear not only due to age and muscle tension under the skin, but also due to UV light, alcohol and nicotine, which contribute to skin aging and loss of elasticity.
Simple minimally invasive procedures in our practice give new life to the skin and add freshness to your face. The following applies: the earlier the treatment, the better the natural elasticity of the skin can be preserved and deeper wrinkles can be prevented.
Botox and hyaluron
Initial superficial smile lines are only visible when the muscles are tensed and are faint at rest. In such cases, treatment with Botox or a combination of Botox and hyaluron is an option. Botox relaxes the facial muscles responsible for the crow’s feet and is often sufficient if the skin can regenerate well.
In addition, the treatment can be extended by injecting hyaluron. Wrinkles and furrows around the eye are filled faster and more effectively, so that even fine lines are no longer visible. The combination of Botox and hyaluron can simultaneously combat the various causes of wrinkles and give the skin long-lasting freshness.
Laser and radio frequency microneedling
Deep crow’s feet are always clearly visible, even at rest. In addition to the use of Botox and hyaluron, effective therapy options such as fractional laser and radiofrequency microneedling complement the treatment. The laser stimulates collagen formation in the superficial layers of the skin, while radiofrequency microneedling also promotes regeneration of the deeper layers of the skin. Together, these two techniques ensure a lasting and effective tightening of the skin without affecting the facial expression of the eye area.
With both treatment methods, it is possible to repeat the treatments until the desired success is achieved. In a comprehensive personal consultation, we weigh up the various treatment options and choose the most suitable form of therapy for you. Your individual wishes and needs are the focus of the treatment.
Treatment method
Hyaluronic & Botox treatment
usually no local anesthesia, anesthetic cream if needed
Radiofrequency microneedling and fractional laser treatment
Anesthesia of the skin with numbing cream and local anesthesia
Treatment duration
15 – 20 Minutes
20 – 30 minutes
after 10 – 14 days
after 14 – 21 days
if necessary care cream and cooling
Sports restrictions
On the day of treatment
Restrictions for social life
possibly redness, swelling for a few days
Duration of effect
4 – 9 months
from 250 €
from 490 €
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