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Age spots

Age spots, also known as lentigines or liver spots, are dark discolorations of the skin that appear mainly on the face, hands, arms and other sun-exposed areas of the body. They are usually harmless and appear more frequently in advanced age – hence the name. Age spots are usually a cosmetic concern and treatment is not medically necessary.
The main cause of age spots is long-term exposure of the skin to the sun, especially without adequate sun protection. UV radiation causes the skin to produce more melanin, the pigment that gives the skin its color. Over time, areas with a higher concentration of melanin can form, resulting in the dark age spots. This process is exacerbated by aging of the skin and genetic predispositions.
In our practice, we can offer you various treatment options to target the pigment cells and thus lighten de spots:
  • Lasertherapie
  • Chemical Peelings
Microdermabrasion: In this method, fine crystals are blasted onto the skin and then suctioned off again to remove the top layer of skin and reduce blemishes.
Power PDT :Combination of fractionated laser and photodynamic therapy.
The choice of the right treatment method depends on the size, location and depth of the spots. In our practice you will receive an accurate diagnosis and we will discuss the appropriate treatment for age spots.
Who is affected?
Adults, especially women
Signs of disease
brown spots on the face and back of the hands
UV light
Treatment method
Treatment duration

15 – 30min


immediately, full effect after 10 – 14 days

Sun protection, soothing skin care if necessary
Sports restrictions
If necessary, on the day of treatment
Restrictions for social life
none, however, the spots temporarily change color
Duration of effect
depending on pigmentation and post-treatment
Microdermabrasion from 80 €
Laser from 150 € per session
Power PDT from 250 €
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