Berlin Spandau

Profidermis glow

The treatment uses stabilized hyaluronic acid through microinjections to replenish lost moisture deposits. This results in a more radiant and supple skin. The hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin binds moisture and provides intense hydration. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the skin appears plumper and more youthful. The microinjections are precise and gentle, and the result is a natural look with improved skin texture. The treatment can be customized according to individual needs and skin condition, providing an effective way to hydrate the skin and give it a healthy and radiant appearance.
Application areas
cheeks, perioral
Treatment duration
30 – 60 minutes every 3 – 4 weeks, optimally three sessions
local anesthesia by means of ointment if desired
Success control after 3 months
Sports restrictions
the next day
Restrictions for social life
Ready to work the next day
Duration of effect
Approx. 3 – 6 months
from 299 €
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