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Forehead wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles can give a sullen, tired and tense facial expression. They often make us look older than we actually are and can affect our overall appearance. Wrinkles are caused by a variety of factors, such as the tightening of the muscles of the forehead as part of facial expressions, sun exposure and smoking. Creams and massages often have limited effect and cannot effectively reduce wrinkles.
Treatment with Botox can relax the forehead muscles and permanently reduce forehead wrinkles. It is important that the treatment is carried out gently in order to maintain a natural look and avoid lowering of the eyebrows and increased drooping eyelids.
A combination therapy of Botox and hyaluronic acid can help to combat deep forehead wrinkles and smooth out finer lines. Care is taken to preserve facial expressions as far as possible in order to maintain a healthy and natural appearance.
In order to achieve a harmonious impression, the eyebrows can also be lifted by Botox injections. This allows the wrinkles around the eye area to be treated and gives an overall fresher appearance.
In some cases, drooping eyelid surgery may be the most effective treatment for forehead wrinkles, especially if there is pressure on the eyelashes and the eyebrows need to be raised and the forehead furrowed.
After a personal consultation, an individual treatment plan is created that takes your wishes into account. After the treatment, you can apply make-up directly in our practice rooms and start your day with a new skin feeling.
Treatment method
Hyaluronic & Botox treatment
usually no local anesthesia necessary, anesthetic cream if required
Treatment duration
20 – 40 minutes
immediately, full effect after 10 – 14 days
Possibly cooling
Avoid pressure on treatment sites for 14 days
Sports restrictions
Refraining from sauna, sports and swimming on the day of treatment
Restrictions for social life
Occasionally bruising or swelling may occur, which can be made over
Duration of effect
4 to 6 months
from 250 €
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